"718 Art Auction" will be held!

"718 Art Auction" organazed by Gallery 718 and kaolli is coming to Mitarai!

You can purchase works by young professionals artists at auctions.

Date: June 17th (Sat), 18th (Sun), 24th (Sat) and 25th (Sun) for 4 days

For more information, visit the 718 Art Auction homepage

"Mitarai Art Walk 2023 ~Spring~" has ended successfully!

Thank you very much for coming !
We inform you about the event held at the Mitarai Townscape Preservation Area.

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Mitarai Art Walk 2023 map!!!!

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In place of the previous “Art Fair Shiosai”

"Mitarai Art Walk 2023~spring~" will be held!

In place of the well-known "Art Fair Shiosai", this year we will hold a new "Mitarai Art Walk -spring-" in the pleasant spring season!
Please enjoy the splendid townscape and art, which has been selected as an Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings.
Not only can you see the works, but you can also purchase them for your home or as gifts at a reasonable price.


Date: Saturday, April 29, 2023 to Friday, May 5, 2023  11:00-16:00 
    * The date and time will vary depending on the content.
Venue: Mitarai District, Yutakamachi, Kure City Mitarai Gallery NAYA_KITANI ArtLab KITANI and other facilities in the Mitarai area
How to go

Organizer: Mitarai Art Walk Executive Committee

Please note that each section has a different date and time this year as well!

1.Mitarai Gallery Special Exhibition No.6 "Fascinating Scenery 2"

2.Sachio Tanaka Solo Exhibition "Memory of Light"

3.Kazumi Kawate Dot Painting Exhibition “Scent of sea and Dot Painting”

4.Oride Chise “Syuccho Shimau.” Exhibition

5.Usakomachi 「Usanpojourney」

6.「Juunin Toiro」

7.Gyu-chan and his friends Concert VOL3

8.ArtLaboKuusou Planning Workshop

9.Hiroshima City University Regional Development Art Project

10.Tsubasa Farm

11.Gaiichiro Yoneyama Photo Exhibition “Collecting Time”

12.「SMALL FOREST obento and L’s bakery bread」

Other events are still planned, so we will update it from time to time!

1.Mitarai Gallery Special Exhibition No.6 "Fascinating Scenery 2"

Date: April 29th (Sat) - May 5th (Fri)
Venue: Mitarai Gallery

We will hold the 2nd exhibition "Fascinating Scenery", which was popular last year.
Artists from Hiroshima and Kure will exhibit their works created using music and literature as motifs.

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Participating artists

Shoichiro NAKAGAWA
Michiaki IWAMOTO

2.Sachio Tanaka Solo Exhibition "Memory of Light"

Date: April 29th (Sat) - May 5th (Fri)

Based in Mitarai (Tobishima Kaido), he exhibit oil paintings,watercolors,some sketches
that express the scenery changing seasons with his unique method.

In addition to the works of Setouchi,
there are also some landscapes in Fukuoka and Kumamoto.

Artist profile

1964 born in Owari-ichinomiya,Aichi
2018 Started activities based at Mitarai Gallery in Yutakamachi, Kure City
Create oil paintings and also watercolor sketches of movie locations

Kazumi Kawate Dot Painting Exhibition “Scent of sea and Dot Painting”


Date: April 29th (Sat) - May 5th (Fri)

At the old house Funayado, the sea and islands spread out in front of you
This is an exhibition of pointillism in this landscape.

Artist profile

1954 born in Kure-city
Age of 3 to 12, studied under Yui Horiuchi. Learn watercolor (concrete)
Studied under Tomoharu Kamata from junior high school to high school. Learn oil painting (abstract).
Majored in oil painting and lithography at Osaka University of Arts.

Currently works on drawings, oil pastels, and modeling, especially in pointillism.
Active in solo or group exhibitions, workshops, etc.

"A small carnation bouquet make of aluminum and leather" as a gift for Mother's Day
Lecturer: Kazumi Kawate (sculpture, pointillism)

Bend aluminum with pliers to make a bouquet of carnations.
Date: April 29th (Sat) to May 5th (Fri) Reception from 11:00 to 15:00
Required time: 30 ~ 45 minutes

4.Oride Chise “Syuccho Shimau.” Exhibition


Date: April 29th (Sat) - May 5th (Fri)

Oridechise's atelier and shop Shimau. is on a business trip to Mitarai!
She exhibit paintings and sell paper goods and pottery.

She also hold workshops to make accessories.

Artist profile

Illustrator and pottery artist who has an atelier and shop Shimau. in Toyoshima
Moved from Hiroshima City and currently lives in Osaki Shimojima.
She like sea creatures, insects and wild birds. She creates works with motifs of creatures and island scenes.

Workshop "Ceramic Accessory Making"

Date and time: 4/29-5/5 Reception at any time between 11:00-15:30
Fee: 1800 yen (tax included) / 1 accessory
Lecturer: ORIDE Chise

Using original ceramic parts,
Make accessories such as brooches, barrettes, and hair clips

Required time: 15 to 30 minutes

5.Usakomachi Solo Exhibition "Usanpojourney"

Date: April 29th (Sat) - May 5th (Fri) *Closed on May 1st and 2nd
Venue:Edo Minatomachi Museum

Rabbit that ran out of the house for traveling and working...
Please take a peek into the cute world of rabbits.

Artist profile

Graduated Hiroshima City University, Japanese painting
Drawing illustrations of "traveling rabbits" with mineral pigments.



6.「Five people Ten colors」


Date: April 29th (Sat) - May 5th (Fri) 

Exhibition, sales, and workshops by each artist

Chiyoko MIYOSHI/Chie MIYAHARA/Hakko2bunno1

Artists' profiles

Born in Kure City, Hiroshima. 1990 Studied under Mr.Tetsuo Hoshika
Currently working on abstract paintings.
Shinkyo Art Association member/Kure Art Association member
2021/4〜2022/3  Yachiyonooka Art Museum 20th entry artist

Creating self-introspection paintings, and also live paintings and murals.
As an external lecturer at some painting events,
value "Drawing is an important way of expressing your life."
Providing children with a safe space to express themselves.

Hakko2bunno1(Kunimoto Family)
Dad UG(65)、Mam Ai(48)、child Saika(13)
Creative activities in the mountains of Hagi City.


Dad UG ☞ Be from Hagi,sometimes Israeli.
Hobbies: watching maniac movies, traveling.
A wide range of creations from nude drawings to giant objects.
Japan Graphic Exhibition, Japan Museum Exhibition,
Saburo Miyamoto Drawing Exhibition, Tadanori Yokoo Award,
and many other awards.
Held a solo exhibition in Qingdao (China).

Mam Ai ☞ Be from Chiba,sometimes Peruvian
Hobbies: Swimming, traveling.
Before marriage, worked as an illustrator in Tokyo and Chiba
(POPEYE separate cover, etc.)
Japanese and illustration instructor in Peru.
Currently a painter, art school operator, Oya kiln craftsman
The author of "Yamaguchi Cafe Walk" . Held a couple exhibition in Aoshima

Child Saika ☞ Be from Hagi,sometimes Spanish
Hobbies: Oshi-katsu, fashion, makeup
At the age of 3 & 5, the youngest selected for the Yamaguchi Prefectural Art Exhibition
First solo exhibition in 4th grade of Elementary school,
family exhibition in 1st and 5th grade
Caricature artist and family live painting at occasional events。

7.Gyu-chan and his friends Concert VOL3

Date: April 30 (Sun) 13:30 start
Trumpet: Yuichi Matsuzaki / Piano: Yuki Matsuzaki

Performers' profiles

Trumpet: Yuichi Matsuzaki 
Former member of the Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra
Lecturer at Elisabeth College of Music, Sakuyo College of Music,
Hiroshima Bunka Gakuen University, and Kagawa University.
Hobbies: fishing, camping, and modifying musical instruments

Piano: Yuki Matsuzaki
  Graduated from Elizabeth College of Music.
Participated in various concerts as an accompanist。


1."Abblasen" by Gottfried Reich
2. "Trumpet concerto" by Joseph Haydn

8.ArtLaboKuusou Planning Workshop

8-1.Let's make a small bag with monoprint prints

Lecturer: Takako Oho
Date: April 29 (holiday)
Required time: 30 minutes

We print monoprints on Japanese paper, and then, it is made into a small bag.
2 small bags per person

No reservation required

8-2.Let's make tenugui with original stamps

Lecturer: Takako Oho
ate: April 30 sun
Reservation system: held 3 times at 11:00/13:00/14:30,
with a capacity of 4 people each time
Required time: 60 minutes

You will design and create your own original stamp
and then hand print it on a Japanese towel.

Use fabric stamp ink.

For reservations
Please send your name, number of people and time to artlabokuusou@gmail.com


9.Hiroshima City University Regional Development Art Project

Date: May 3 (Wed) to 5 (Fri)
Venue:Mitarai Art Farm(MAF)
We will exhibit and sell works created by four students of the Faculty of Arts, Hiroshima City University.

Artists' Profiles

2003 Born in Aichi Prefecture.
3rd year university student
2022 Group exhibition "Early spring contest exhibition" by Hiroshima City University students
      Mitarai Art Walk Exhibition “Mitsudomoe”
2023  Group exhibition "Early spring contest exhibition" by Hiroshima City University students

2000 Born in Gifu
2016 Excellence Award,Kagamigahara City Exhibition
2017 Excellence Award,Koubi Exhibition
2021 Entered Hiroshima City University, Faculty of Arts, majoring in Japanese painting
2022 2023 Early Spring Japanese Painting Exhibition
2022 Group exhibition “Mitsudomoe”

2002 Born in Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture
Hiroshima City University Faculty of Arts Department of Fine Arts Department of Sculpture

Hiroshima City University Japanese painting major 3rd year student
2003 Born in Ishikawa
2018  Excellence Award at the 30th Book Impression Central Contest
2019  Excellence Award at Koubunren Art Club Kanazawa Area Art Exhibition
2022  Hiroshima City University Art Department Japanese Painting Exhibition
2022  The 7th Early Spring Japanese Painting Contest
2022  718 Art Auction
2022  Group exhibition “Mitsudomoe”
2023  The 8th Early Spring Japanese Painting Contest

10.Tsubasa Farm

Date:May 3 (holiday) 10:00~16:00
Venue:Mitarai Base

We are waiting for you with citrus sales and drinks!

11.Gaiichiro YONEYAMA Photo Exhibition “Collecting Time”

Date: April 29th (Sat) - May 5th (Fri) *Closed on May 1st and 2nd
Venue:Mitarai Base

Exhibition and sale of photographic works
There is also a commemorative photo taken with a film camera.

Artist Profile

Gaiichiro YONEYAMA
1996 Born in Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
Attracted by the sea in his hometown of Shonan, he started taking pictures of landscapes.
From 2022, also taking commemorative photos using a medium format film camera.

12.「SMALL FOREST bento and L’s bakery bread」

Date: April 29th (Sat), 30th (Sun), May 4th (Thu), 5th (Fri)
Venue:Mitarai Base

Store information↓


A colorful obento delivered from a small kitchen in Osaki Shimojima

L‘s bakery

From Teshima, Hiroshima. Bread and sweets baked by a lemon farmer on weekends
L‘s bakery Instagram 


By car
Hiroshima Kure Road (Claire Line) Kure IC → Akinada Ohashi Bridge (toll) → Osaki Shimojima Mitarai
*You can get an Akinada Ohashi Pass (return ticket)!
You can get a return pass for 1,000 yen worth of receipts from shops on the Tobishima Kaido.
For more information, please visit Kure City homepage!
By public transportation
Hiroshima Station (JR) → Hiro Station → Route bus bound for Okitomo Tenmangu from Hiroeki-mae and get off at Mitarai Port